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>> it is a great country. >> that's right. continue the conversation on today's stories go. to our blog at coming up in just a few moments, we have cnn newsroom with kyra phillips. been lovely being with you three days. >> very nice. karen will come back and nice get the place back together again. >> i think they are. >> we saw john yesterday an i must say after his -- he had to stay in an airport because, what? new york airport was in a shut down or slow down and looking a little worse for the wear. >> i think so. i think they're feeling like the coupe is ending. you started monday saying it begun. >> it is now over. >> that's right. >> we have lost. >> we have lost again. >> no way. you have staked your flags. we have all been watching this morning. jim acosta, how about that candy crowley with the fabulous hair? >> i know. >> you know? enough. enough with the hair. >> i can't control myself, kyra. >> i know. e-mailing your son jonathan, as well. we are all big fans.
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that candy crowley, whoo. you behaved yourself. great job, jim. >> all right. bye. >> have a great day. we are working on a lot for you, too. a san bruno couple feels lucky that the huge blast and fire spared their home. too bad those looters didn't feel the same way. primaries are done. you know it's a fun couple of months when one side's breaking out "the wizard of oz" references. a link between your attitude and health. turns out if you're a debbie downer or a grouchy doom and gloomer you could be more likely to have a heart attack. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. out west. i'm ri ka fiyra phillips. the results are in. and the voter anger is pretty darn obvious. in delaware, and new york, voters put their support behind candidates backed by the tea party movement and what's more, they shunned the candidate who is had been backed by republican
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national leaders. last night's results are the latest examples of the growing frustration with washington. throughout this primary season, voters in seven states ousted their incumbents from congress. let's begin our coverage in delaware where the tea party movement is celebrating a pretty big victory and the gop establishment is pretty worried. national political correspondent jessica yellin joining us from dover. a pretty big upset, yes? >> reporter: huge, kyra. huge upset. christine o'donnell was far behind in the polls. had significantly less money and was being gunned for by national republicans and republicans in her own state who are running, running in a campaign essentially against her. she was up against the establishment supported candidate mike castle, nine-term congressman from this state. very well-known. but she surprised everyone and won last night. the big question now is can she go on and win in a general
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election? this is a state that's heavily democratic and there's news now, kyra, the national republicans have said essentially because they think she cannot win they're not going to pour money into her race. i got a chance to talk to her last night and asked her what she thinks of the fact that the national republicans won't support her. here's a bit of that interview. we've been told this evening gnat national republicans, party organization that often funds campaigns like yours is not going to fund yours and many national republicans said simply you cannot win in november. do you need their money? can you win without it? >> well, good. they don't have a winning track record. but you know, of course, there's a greater good here. and i would love their support but they're the same so-called expert that is said i couldn't with inthe primary. if we had that throw in the towel mentality every time there was a fight that needed to be fought, our country wouldn't be what it is. it wouldn't be what is worth
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defending. so, you know, there's an elizabeth olten of visionaries and leaders that you have seen here in this room who believe we can win and if they're too lazy to put in the effort we need to win then so be it. we'll win without them. i'd love the support but we'll win without them. >> reporter: so there's a lot of frustration, internal fighting within the republican party today, kyra. she has the support of a very important national republican -- sarah palin. called the campaign last night to congratulate o'donnell. palin endorsed her in the final days of this campaign. kyra? >> democrats speaking out, as well, right? >> reporter: yes. democrats this morning are basically doing a victory jig. they think that they've got this one locked up, that o'donnell cannot win and this is a seat they thought they were going to lose and might keep. and that could decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate for democrats but one should always caution against overconfidence. their candidate is out making campaign stops today.
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they're already i should add attacking o'donnell as an extremist tea party candidate so that's the theme you will see going forward in this race, k a kyra. >> what does a victory jig look like, jessica? >> reporter: i'm not doing it but that's a good try. oh shoot. >> reporter: very happy. >> you have irish blood in there. thanks. voter frustration boiled up in new york. tea party candidate carl paladino scored an upset, defeated former congressman rick lazio supported by some conservative groups. another interesting race in new york with legendary congressman charlie rangel. democrat faces an ethics trial this month. joe johns has that part of the story. >> reporter: a slightly surreal night and bit of history here in harlem as charlie rangel looking for his 21st term faced a crowded field of challengers but none of them was able to rise to
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the level of creating the kind of excitement necessary to knock off an incumbent who's been entrenched in this district for so long. sort of popping the champagne very early here at rangel headquarters. >> i can only say that this victory has to be yours. it has to be -- my wife and i were able to stand up to the criticism and the attacks. looking at the problems that our country has, i don't say this because of lack of modesty. i say at the time we are in our history, president obama needs people like me more than ever. >> reporter: so why was that charlie rangel was able to pull this off with 13 ethics charges against him still unrevolved in
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washington, d.c.? part of it had to do with the institutional democratic support he got from people like the former mayor david dinkens, the current mayor bloomberg, the former president bill clinton, all of whom did robo calls for him in the final days of this campaign. he was also able to raise a lot of money and the other challengers were not able to. now, charlie rangel faces a republican in the fall who many believe simply will not be able to overcome the rangel fire power. back to you. >> well, here's a look at the results of some of the other big races, as well. the nation's capital on track for a new major. fenty lost to gray. in new hampshire, the republican primary too close to call for the senate candidates. kelly ayotte is endorsed by
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establishment republicans including sarah palin. for the latest political news and constantly p dated results, go to american hiker held as a spy now out of an iranian prison and back in her mother's arms free after more than 400 days in custody. sarah shourd hugged her mother in oman following a flight from teheran. pretty joyful moment made possible after the $500,000 bail was paid. but iran is still holding her fiancee and a friend. >> today's the work that my day begins and all of my efforts starting today are going to go into helping procure the same freedom for my fiancee shane bauer and friend josh fattal. >> shourd thanked everyone involved in the release from the sultan of oman to the president of iran. nic robertson standing by now in oman. she spent 14 months in the
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iranian prison after allegedly wandering over the border with her group in 2009. let's talk about why she was released now. >> reporter: well, one reason certainly seems to have been a health condition. she had a lump on the breast and had a preexisting condition and the iranian government appears to have decided it is on humanitarian grounds they decided to release her after demanding $500,000 paid in bail money and now obviously she says the priority to get her fiancee and her other friend freed but that's going to be very tough because the iranians are saying the two, we still consider them spies not going to release them and charge them. so that is going to be a very big hurdle for her to overcome. she was released apparently on humanitarian grounds, kyra. >> we heard her thanking the iranian government and i think we know what happens behind the scenes here.
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is she afraid to say anything negative because of the other two hikers that are still there in prison? and the repercussions that may take place? >> reporter: it really seems to be so. the statement that she made in teheran before she left, the statement she made here in oman both very similar. both very carefully considered. before she left teheran she said i won't change what i say or think and whatever discussions she's had inside jail and the influences she's come under there about the reasons for her release, the reasons for the detention, et cetera, not saying something completely different and denigrate the iranian leadership and seems to be focused on the single mission of getting her fiancee released. >> also mixed messages about who paid her bail. do we know for sure if it was oman? >> reporter: it's not clear. oman seems to have played a
9:11 am
middleman here. u.s. officials say oman has helped decisively behind the scene. swiss diplomats in teheran securing the release. but what's interesting about this, teheran and oman untypically publicized the fact that she was going to be coming to oman. oman helped before with the release of people in similar situations around the region and doesn't go public in this way and hasn't done this before and clearly teheran and perhaps oman wanting to and one could imagine perhaps president ahmadinejad on the way to new york next week wanted to get it out in the public domain and so it's strange here for people familiar with the way oman has worked to help secure the release of people before is done so publicly and the family wanting to get her to rest and clearly on top of the agenda, as well, seeing what she can do in the region to help secure their
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release. kyra? >> thanks. earnest withers like the eye of the civil rights movement. took some of the most iconic pick which ares and might have been an ear, too. an ear for the fbi keeping tabs on dr. king and many others. withers family is talking about the revelation and say they just can't believe it. rn will make y. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol.
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all right. go cross country. new twigs to a controversy in los angeles. people protesting since police shot and killed a day laborer of guatemala. lapd claims he was drunk and tried to attack a woman and then an officer with a knife but now community groups say he didn't have a knife and they want that cop charged with murder. last week, the lapd chief showed a bloody blade at a heated community meeting saying it was the weapon. the officer's been taken off patrol in that investigation. and in tennessee, a woman can't believe her late father was an informant for the fbi. the memphis commercial appeal reports that earnest withers was giving the feds info about the civil rights movement back in the 1960s.
9:16 am
withers was a photographer and i'm sure you have seen his pictures. he took a number of famous pictures and especially the one of martin luther king and had insider access to the movement's leaders. the paper dug up the information with help from the freedom of information act and linked withers to an informant number. this is all news to the withers' family. >> we as a family none of us never heard anything like that. we don't believe it. i think that the whole thing is based on one thing which is a number. and we know that number was assigned to him. where's the proof of that? you know, it's -- and then is that number only assigned to an individual or is it assigned to a project? it is just so many speculations. >> earnest withers died in 2007 at the age of 85. the national civil rights museum in nashville planning the use his photos in the redesigned
9:17 am
exhibits. all right. triple threat swirling around in the atlantic right now. the latest tropical storm karl is nearing hurricane strng as it closes in on mexico's yucatan peninsula. hurricane igor is a powerful category 4 storm but is still far from land in the eastern atlantic. hurricane julia also grew to a category 4 storm overnight with sustained winds of 135 miles per hour. meteorologist jacqui jeras watching that for us. busy. >> really busy. we got word in now that karl made landfall so it's over the land now and that means it will gradually weaken a little bit abe be feeling that brutal impact at this time. here you can see the latest satellite imagery of karl and man close to being a hurricane but not going to happen. at least not while it makes the way across the peninsula. getting into the bay of campeche and we think late tonight or
9:18 am
tomorrow already likely regain strength and watch it probably move up to a hurricane so there you can see karl's 65-mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds and torrential downpours with karl and fast mover and showing you that track of this storm and look at that. overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning watching that make its way over that open water and we don't think at this time by the way it's impacting the u.s. we have to watch maybe southern texas for some outer bands and some rainfall an right now the best estimate is it will stay south of there. there's the tri if he cfecta of. there's igor in the middle of the central atlantic and a defined eye. see the dry air trying to wrap around. a big-time category 4 storm and then julia. needing to worry about these storms? where are they going? doesn't look close to the u.s. very near bermuda late weekend to early next week. one other thing to keep in mind,
9:19 am
though, with igor here, kyra, if you remember what earl did and also what danielle did, out in the open water and brought big-time waves and swells. so if people going to the beach this weekend, you have to watch for the red flags flying and risk of kip churnts. >> thanks. you're a football fan. who's your team? >> vikings. >> vikings, of course. hometown girl. >> what can i say? >> you have heard about the whole heisman trophy, having to give it back. >> reggie bush. >> it is college football's most prestigious award the heisman award. been around 75 years. looks great on a mantle. no player has ever given it back until now. we were talking about this. reggie bush won it in 2005 when he played for usc. my alma mater. go trojans. we have had scandal in the football arena. investigators claim that wannabe agents gave bush an family money and lots of gifts when he was
9:20 am
back there and he says he doesn't want it to hurt the heisman's dignity and he is just giving it up. but it's -- you know, okay. if you broke the rules -- >> rules are rules. >> right? >> contract, right in when you sign, you say i won't take any money. >> still though, having to give that back, never has happened before. >> right. >> i mean, he is a fantastic football player. earned it. >> yeah. all the money in the world doesn't impact whether or not you're a great player. right? >> that's true. >> play well or you don't. >> plays well still. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we have that. >> that's true. he know that is he did win the trophy and then again -- it is like will we know if he did break the rules? >> you have to respect him for saying you know what? before they say we'll take it from you, he said, go ahead. >> didn't have to come and get it. gave it back. i have something else for you. what's the worse song you have just ever heard in your life? can you name the worse song
9:21 am
ever? >> oh gosh. i don't know. >> not off the top of my head. >> aol radio ranked them. the word is "rank." we'll play a number of them over the next couple of hours. this is number 39 from olivia newton john the song that got heart rates going in the early '08. pretty bad. >> almost as good as xanadu. >> great flick at the time. her name was kyra. remember that? >> yeah. >> let's get physical. let's go to break.
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more victories for the tea party movement last night. the biggest upset is in delaware where tea party favorite christine o'donnell beat congressman mike castle in the gop senate race. first responders of 9/11 terrorist attacks will head to capitol hill today. the measure didn't pass in july. american hiker sarah shourd reunited with her mother in oman after spending more than a year in iranian prison. price for her freedom was a $500,000 bail reportedly paid by oman. shourd's fiancee and friend remain in a teheran prison.
9:25 am
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pope benedict arrives in the uk tomorrow for the first visit to that nation and talk that he could meet with the victims who were sex julie abused by priests. atika shubert joins us live from london. >> reporter: we are expecting to see angry protests when the pope comes here this week a. lot of coming from victims of child abuse at the hands of church officials. i did go to the presser earlier where a number of victims told their stories but also said what they want to hear from the pope. here's what one victim said. >> this should here i feel sure saves the pope. why don't you speak the truth? why don't you tell us where all
9:27 am
these sex offenders are? why don't you open the file? why don't you have inquiries? why don't you lay aside priests? why don't you give us truth, justice and accountability now? >> reporter: kyra, as you can hear there are a lot of anger and expected to pill out on the streets. up to 10,000 protesters are expected on the streets of london on saturday which will be the highlight of the pope's trip here. >> now, atika, the pope has met with victims of abuse in the past. any idea, can you even gauge, if he'll do it this time around or is that pretty much kept under the radar? >> reporter: it's pretty much kept under the radar. there have been reports that he may meet with survivors. what we have been told by church officials, though, is if it does happen, it's done in private away from the media and we wouldn't probably find out about it until after it's done and that's always been the church's policy to do so in private
9:28 am
without any of the media around it. >> got it. atika shubert in london, thanks. throwing nancy pelosi under the bus. we'll take you to the roll-out of the nationwide campaign. when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. and there's one thing that will never change. we are, the rock you can rely on. prudential.
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when it comes to this recovery, manufacturing has been one of the few bright shots. today wall street has a new report on that sector. it is what allison kosic is talking about for us at the new york stock exchange. allison? >> good morning, kyra. manufacturing is one of the stronger sectors and partly because other sectors doing so poorly. the bar is so low. manufacturing activity expanding
9:32 am
for a year now and lately getting reports showing that the broader economy is kind of slowing again and that's true today. the manufacturing report that you mentioned, kyra, missed wall wl's expectations. manufacturing in the north region is still expanding but t it's expanding at a slower pace than the month before. so, as a result, stocks are under some pressure right now. we are also watching for comments from former fed chairman greenspan speaking today in new york and when alan greenspan speaks, wall street listens. as for now, the dow industrials down 30 mints. nasdaq off about 8. and twitter is getting a major overhaul. if you like to tweet, you'll be able to post a lot more than just the 140 character tweets. soon you'll be able to attach photos and video clips, too. the co-founder said it's an opportunity for all sorts of content, everything from youtube videos, advertisementadvertisem
9:33 am
reasons to be distracted and tell everyone the minute detail of your life even in video. >> i don't get it. do you do all these things? tweet and facebook, blog? >> i do like to facebook. i haven't quite caughten the tweet bug yet. the twitter bug. but, you know, maybe now that you can write full sentences i'll catch on. it is a bunch of phrases. i don't know. >> can you make it exciting? i got up from the chair and walked down stairs. >> here's a picture of me here in the bathroom. riveting stuff. >> bores ourselves. thanks. >> got it. the results are in and the voter anger is definitely obvious n. delaware and new york, voters put the support behind candidates backed by the tea party movement and why more, well, and once more that they shun the candidates backed by republican national leaders. last night's results are the latest examples 0 of that growing frustration with
9:34 am
washington. throughout the bruising primary season, voters in seven states ousted the incumbents of congress. a bull's eye, house speaker nancy pelosi. republicans are hoping to win the house and bump her from the speaker's seat but the gop challenger in the november election is trying to chase her out of washington altogether. he's unveiled an ad that casts her as the wicked witch of congress. >> hello, my pretty. i will save you from those evil republicans. my first pay $18,000 a month for the downtown office. and then go into massive debt for wall street bailouts. and here are my monkeys, to make you pay for it a you will. >> the anti-pelosi campaign not just limited to the yellow brick road. today the republican national committee rolling out a fire pelosi bus tour and then visit
9:35 am
more than 115 counties across the country. mark, things are getting nasty. tell us about this magic bus ride. >> reporter: yeah. they sure are, kyra. busy day on capitol hill. the first week congress has been in session after the august rece recess. some person who's leaving capitol hill is michael steele. within the next hour, he is going to get on the big bus called the fire pelosi bus and going to head across the country trying to rally republican voters leading into the midterm elections but they don't only need just republican voters that were energized by the tea party, kyra. they need to reach out to independent voters. 39 seats is all they need to take back control of the house of representatives which is right behind me, kyra. ten seats to pick up the senate. republicans are energized. can they remain energized heading into november? >> all right. mark preston, we'll keep
9:36 am
checking in with you as it gets interesting, nasty. all of the above and waiting to hear from the democratic national committee scheduled a few major announcement a few hours from now. american hiker sarah shourd is finally free, released by iran more than 400 days in prison. she's back in her mother's arms on a runway in oman after she was bailed out for $500,000 but iran is still holding her fiancee and her friend on espionage charges more than a year after they allegedly wandered over the border from iraq. she said she can't enjoy the freedom until shane bauer and josh fattal are set free. the mothers echo that call saying their fight goes on. they spoke on "american morning" last hour. >> i'm happy sarah is out. she is my daughter-in-law to-be
9:37 am
but i want shane home. i want shane and josh home connected with their families and the biggest thing for me at that moment was what was it like for shane and sarah to separate along with josh because they're very close right now. >> and what are your hopes right now? i mean, what do you know about their condition and how soon they might be able to come home? >> okay. well, we don't have any new information but cindy and i have not talked to nor heard from josh or shane for four months on tuesday. from the time we left teheran may 21st until today we have not had a letter or phone call from josh or shane, and of course, we are more than eager to. but what we really want, of course, is their release. it is almost 14 months of detention. we're so happy that sarah's home with nora but it is our turn to have our kids back with us. >> the iranians said they plan to charge your sons on espionage
9:38 am
charges. what would you say about what your sons were doing what they were detained? >> iran knows they have three innocent hikers, one of whom they have let free. and we're hoping very, very much they will let the other two free, josh and shane. >> and the mothers are calling on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad to bring their sons with them when he comes to the united states for an upcoming united nations presentation. a san bruno couple feels lucky that the huge blast and fire spared their home. but too bad some looters didn't. just amazing how some low lives take advantage of people in their darkest hours. having the security of a strong financial partner certainly lets you breathe easier. for more than 140 years, pacific life has helped millions of americans build a secure financial future wouldn't it be nice to take a deep breath and relax? ask a financial professional about pacific life.
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the power to help you succeed.
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checking top stories. tea party-backed candidate o'donnell won a shocking victory in delaware's gop national primary. the gop backed castle but she says she can win in november without the support of national republicans.
9:41 am
secretary of sate hillary clinton joining peace talks in jerusalem today. the possibility of new israeli settlements is a sticking point. palestinians say the construction could kill the talks. our weather center following three named storms. hurricane igor near category 5. julia category 4. tropical storm karl expected the make land fall on the yucatan peninsula this morning. businesses more efficiently,
9:42 am
♪ we built this city we built this city on rock n roll ♪ remember that one? starship "we built this city," 1985.
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lyrics, listen to the radio. are you surprised it made aol's list of 100 worst songs ever? ranked number 22 on the dubious list. we're going to play for more you over the next hour revealing the top three worst songs at the end of the show and we want the hear what you think. go to my blog. tell me what you think was the worst song ever. deputy political director paul steinhauser joining us from the cnn desk. paul, your worse song ever? >> kyra, i hate to admit it but i think i have those on 45s young people may not know what those are. >> do they have scratches and used to push down hard on the needle to play through the scratch? >> you're with me. you remember those days. >> i'm with you, pal. yes, indeed. when's topping the political headlines right now? >> hey, well, let's start with
9:44 am
the dell care senate race. it is the huge political story of the morning. brand-new on the ticker right now, the top two non-partisan political handy cappers rating it likely republican and now that o'donnell won, it's likely democrat. i spoke to one of two people and they're changing their ranking and so remember castle considered the overwhelming favorite if he won the primary. he didn't. this is a seat the democrats want to keep in party hands. used to be joe biden's old seat. talk about sarah palin and how she did last night. palin endorsed o'donnell. she won. a big victory for sarah palin. but next door in maryland, endorsed a guy named brian murphy running for the nomination there in maryland and didn't do very well and lost out to the favorite there, the former governor. up in new hampshire, the verdict is still out. palin endorsed ayotte the
9:45 am
establishment pick up there. still have no winner in new hashire. also on the ticker from last night's primaries, check this out. they have come in here on the political ticker. real world star wins wisconsin primary. republican shawn duffy. he was a star on the reality tv show in 1997 "the real world boston" and also a two-time champion professional lumber jack. he's a republican. won the nomination for wisconsin's 7th district. he is going to face off against the democrat. this is a batting or for obey's seat. >> our own paul bunnian. thanks, paul. if you're a glass half empty type you may want to cheer up for the health of your heart. pessimists are apparently more prone to heart problems but here's something to make your smile. there are things that you can do
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booming is moving forward by giving back. you know what? i understand not all looters are created equal. sometimes you do what you got to do keep yourself and your family alive and safe and pray that god waves the command men in that case. of course, when you are talking about big tvs like we saw after katrina or priceless artifacts like baghdad, or just plain plundering like after the new york blackout of '77 or the l.a. riots of '92 you have crossed
9:50 am
the line. and now, we have seen the inexcusable after the san bruno gasexplosion and fire. at least four people were killed. three are still missing. and more than three dozen houses gone. survivors are trying to get their lives back together again. one nervous family goes back to find that their house is okay but their priceless but their p gone. this story now. >> reporter: jody was showing a san bruno police officer the rooms where someone had broken into the house and stolen small but irreplaceable belongings. >> it's an heirloom, a piece of jewelry that is hard to put a value on. >> reporter: this couple talks about the emomenting a roller coaster they have been on since thursday's explosion. >> we are so glad to come back to our house after having anxiously waited for three days. so we were really glad to find
9:51 am
out house was in relatively good shape and then all of a sudden, i hear jody already screaming about how we've been robbed. so from there it was really just an awful feeling, just being on pins and fields the whole time since the explosion happened and waiting, and then finally get back in our house, and then we have this happen to us. you know, it's just an additional thing, just unbelievable. >> reporter: both jody and dante had birthdays and their anniversary within their a last month, so the burglar took gift cards and gifts and jewelry and small items that could be carried out easily. >> the scarily part is that they took our passports, our whole family's passports, mine, my husband's and our three children and both of our social security cards and like we had wallets with, you know, leftover credit cards. >> this guy potentially has all
9:52 am
of our identity, crucial documents. >> my checkbook. yeah, everything. >> reporter: san bruno police said that they have received a few other reports of burglaries in the surrounding areas but have not linked this one to any others. >> yep that fireball showed that couple more mercy than a number of other people did. police are trying to protect that burned out neighborhood from looters, and, in fact, they arrested a man who they thought was casing houses and drove away on his motorcycle when they asked him for i.d. and he ran over the officer's foot. >> mark? >> reporter: kyra, i'm outside the national republican headquarters, the fire pelosi bus has pulled up behind me. we will learn more about this tour in the next hour. you know, practically every day we hear president obama talk about the need to help small
9:53 am
businesses, but what do those small business owners think of the administration's latest efforts? we spent the day at a manufacturing company in new jersey and they say they need any help they can get. i'm jacqui jeras. we have three storms that we're tracking in the atlantic basin. karl made landfall and even though igor won't hit the u.s., it will impact the coastline. an underage girls disappearing into the underworld business of sex trafficking. we're putting names and faces to girls gone missing. coming up next hour right here in the cnn newsroom. [ male ann] marie callender's invites you back to lunch,
9:54 am
with a new line of fresh recipes. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfection in minutes, giving the fresh flavors and textures of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor.
9:55 am
9:56 am
grumpy, grouchy, gloomy, call it what you will, put if you are pessimistic person, a new study says you might be at higher risk for heart problems. take note. >> just as i thought, no better from this side. >> aw, a study pinpoints people way type d personality
9:57 am
characterized by negativity. sound familiar, charlie brown? >> i hate myself for not having enough nerve to talk to her. well, that isn't exactly true. i hate myself for a lot of other reasons, too. >> all right, i'm getting really down. anger and stress are also type d signs. oscar the grouch knows all about that. >> oh, yuck. what? you think it's easy for me being a grouch who's green? well, think again because it's not. >> who's the complete opposite, senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen, one of the most positive individuals i know in this place. there is danger with being difficult? >> who is their cardiologist? who takes care of oscar and charlie brown? their hearts are in danger. it sort of makes sense, when
9:58 am
you're pessimistic and the world is out to get you, people might even say, oh, you have a bad heart and they might mean it kind of figuratively. it might make sense literally. there is a new study that looks at the type d personality, and here's what they found. they found they're at a three times higher risk of having a heart attack. so what we all sort of feel intuitively, apparently there's science behind it. >> it's the whole mind/body. it's amazing what we can overcome physically. let's talk about what happens in the body then when we have this attitude and act this way. >> the oscars of the world see the world as a threat, that the world is out to get them, their colleagues, their family, whoever it is, and when you think the world is out to get you, you get this kind of fight or flight effect in your body and you think you have to be fighting everybody. that raises level of court sole in your body, a hormone and that in turn raises blood pressure,
9:59 am
and that probably helps explain why they see this effect. >> typical question, are people hard-wired that way, or can they change? it really depends on who is in their life, right, influencing them and if they decide they're going to make a change. >> i would like to tell charlie brown and oscar that they should do some yoga. >> meditation and yoga. >> can he do that? i don't know if it's possible. you are not hard-wired. you can change. one is with medications that doctors had success with, anti-depress sents, giving them to hostile people and also psychothera psychotherapy, meditation and exercise can help people get out of the type d personal. it's important to do, not just for yourself and people around you for whom it is unpleasant but also for your heart. >> the hardest thing is how we react to things. to get control over that is a challenge. >> life is there, it's going to happen.
10:00 am
it's how you react to it. >> i think chuck swindal has an inspirational quote about that. primary passions, the results are in, the ballots are set, and the voter anger is pretty obvious. in delaware and new york, the voters put their support behind candidates backed by the tea party movement. last night's results are the latest examples of the growing frustration with washington. throughout this bruising and blustery primary season, voters in seven states ousted their incumbents from congress. how frustrated are voters across the country? a new cnn poll tells the story. only 1 in 4 americans say they trust the government to do what is right always or most of the time. that percent has been steadily decreasing since 2002, and even then, that number was still less than half. with just 45% of americans saying that they trust government. that growing frustration with washington opened the door for
10:01 am
some candidateses from tea party, most notably, christine o'donnell in delaware, a conservative political commentator defeated nine-term congressman mike castle. sarah palin supported o'donnell and voters turned a deaf ear to the gop establishment. >> we haven't heard from anybody in the washington party hierarchy. that's a shame. i think right now maybe their pride is hurt a little bit and they're licking their wounds because the so-called experts were discredited this morning. but, we're hoping to hear from them soon. we will reach out to them, but i'm confident that if they choose not to get behind this race, we will get the support that we need and we can win in november because delaware is a state that's small enough where i can be in every county every week giving the voters an opportunity to get to know me. i can get to know them and i can personally ask them for their vote in november.
10:02 am
that's exactly what we plan to do. >> o'donnell will face democrat christopher koontz in november. a congressman who served in washington for almost 40 years fought off his biggest challenge in decades. charlie rangel, facing a house ethics trial, yet he easily defeated five fellow democrats in yesterday's primary and avoided a runoff. the 80-year-old had some last-minute help from former president bill clinton and was able to raids more money than his opponents. >> in the final analysis, it wasn't just me that was responding in terms of support. it was you. each and every day, if you ask who your congressman was, they knew who you were talking about. they knew in washington. they knew in new york state and they knew in the city. and i suspect that if sometimes it may have been awkward for you, but you can go back
10:03 am
tomorrow morning and tell them that we did believe in certain principles. >> rangel faces a house trial on the ethics allegations later this month. throwing nancy pelosi under the bus, republicans are kicking off a courthouse-country tour to fire the speaker of the house. they will visit more than 115 cities across the country. mark preston outside the rnc headquarters where the tour is about to begin. why is there such republican venom for pelosi? >> reporter: well, kyra, republicans smell blood in the water. they think they can take back the house of representatives. this fire nancy pelosi bus just pulled up. it's brand new inside. it's like a new car. i'll tell you, republicans right now think they can beat nancy pelosi and they can get the 39 seats needed to take back control of the house.
10:04 am
over in the senate, it's a tougher fight. they need ten seats. michael steele will give a bit of a raw raw rally and get on the bus and ahead across the nation. 48 states in the next seven weeks as we head into the midterm elections. >> let's talk about the tea party victory in delaware. why is the gop establishment worried that their nominee could hurt the republican's chances? >> reporter: well, certainly in delaware, there is big concern. christine o'donnell was able to rally those tea party voters last night to beat mike castle. the problem for republicans, however in delaware is that it tends to be a democratic state. this was the senate seat held by joe biden, and republicans thought that mike castle would have a better shot of winning the seat. christine o'donnell on our ear this morning and last night said she's not concerned. she believes she has the momentum, but i'll tell you now, the republicans are a little bit frustration that they weren't
10:05 am
able to beat back the tea party attempts and get their candidate mike castle across the finish line, kyra. >> tell us more about this bus tour and what they hope to accomplish here. >> reporter: well, kyra, again, 39 seats in the house of representatives gives the republicans a victory. they can claim the speakership. what does that mean for washington? that means that the obama agenda as we've noted over the past couple of years will come to an end. president obama has been very successful in martialing his legislation through congress, but if the republicans control congress or come close, if they pick up 30 or 35 seats, there's an argument to be made that the democrats will lose functional control of the house of representatives and president obama won't be able to get his things through. i will spend time with michael steele and take the first leg of this bus. they're heading into virginia, and as our viewers know, virginia was a blue state in
10:06 am
2008, president obama won it. however, in 2009, republicans took back the governorship. they feel they can win some democratic seats in virginia. >> thank you so much here's a look at results from other big races. the nation's capital now on track for a new mayor. adrian fenty lost his democratic primary chair to vincent gray, and in new hampshire to close to call. ovide lamontagne is claiming to be the only true conservative. kelly ayotte is endorsed by sarah palin. for all of our political news, go to our website, there might be more bad news for the gulf of mexico. one scientist says she's discovered oil on the sea floor miles away from the deepwater horizon site. we'll take a closer look at what that means. plus, coming um, hurricane season if it ended today, we'd have a pretty normal season.
10:07 am
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>>. >> all right, in the next few minutes, tony hayward, the outgoing bp ceo, and the corporate face of the british disaster goes from a panel. he will talk about what the gulf oil disaster means for deepwater drilling in britain. they are taking a closer look at their own moratorium on deepwater drilling and whether safety and environmental standards need to be changed. back in the gulf, a scientist might have found more cause for concern. deep on the sea floor. cnn's brian todd explains. >> reporter: a deepwater csi in the gulf and a potentially ominous findingle. researchers discover what they say is a substantial layer of oil in the sediment in areas
10:11 am
near the dwaut horizon spill. the team led by a university of georgia science professor canvased t area as far away as 80 miles from the well head. in several samples they found concentrations of oil seeping as much as two inches into the sediment. we are going to speak to dr. samantha joy on a research vessel east of the well head. she's on a research vessel, and we're going to call it right now. i asked joy about other scientists who question her findings, including those who say so much oil seeps into the gulf naturally every year some of this might not be from the deepwater horizon spill. >> there is leakage from pipelines and to find oil in the gulf of mexico either in its sediments or water column, is not an unusual thing. >> reporter: how do you come to believe that the oil you found is from the gulf oil spill in
10:12 am
the bp situation? >> we have samples that were collected in may, early in may, from many of the same sites that we're sampling right now. in may, this layer was not present. it was not here. this layer has developed over the past four months. >> reporter: joy concedes they won't know for sure that this oil is from the deepwater horizon spill until they chemically fingerprint it back in their labs. joy discovered dead organisms underneath the oily sediment and worries about marine life that feed off that. what kind of organisms are exposed to this oil? >> anything that goes to the bottom. any fish, any invertebrate, any kwid, octopus, anything that is going to the bottom looking for food is going to be exposed to that material. >> reporter: then, joy says, that could deprive other fish up the chain from a healthy food source. an official with noaa tells cnn this finding does not
10:13 am
necessarily contradict a government study issued last month saying about 75% of the oil from the spill was either captured, evaporated naturally or dispersed into the water column in microscopic droplets. they say this could be part of the 25% that got away. brian todd, washington. a triple threat swirling around in the atlantic. the latest is tropical storm karl, and then there are hurricanes julia and igor, both powerful category 4 storms. jacqui jeras is tracking that. busy woman you are? >> it's been a busy season. typically throughout an entire season we would see 11 named storms, and karl is number 11. we are only halfway done. yes, things have been very, very busy. karl has made landfall about an hour or so ago on the yucatan
10:14 am
peninsula, bringing torrential downpours, 3 to 5 inches with isolated amounts of 8 inches. it will move across the peninsula and make it's way back into open waters into the bay of campeche. it will weaken as it moves over land as it typically does but it gets over that energy source, basically that warm water, and ramps back up and may become a hurricane before making a second landfall in mexico. texas, you need to be worried about it and monitoring it. we don't think you'll see much impact from the storm but we have to watch, because if it grows larger in size, we might get bands moving into parts of the state by friday or saturday and a little bit of wave action. wave action is our big concern with igor. this a very powerful hurricane packing winds 145 miles per hour. it is not impacting any land at this time, so that's the good news, and it's curving up
10:15 am
towards the north. we're going to have to watch bermuda as we head into sunday and monday, but with a storm this powerful, we're still going to see wave action along the u.s. friday through sunday. beachgoers have to watch out for that. last but not least, we have julia out there, a major hurricane and it looks like a fish storm. very busy out there, but so far things are looking mostly okay for the u.s. >> thanks, jacqui. president obama has a 350 blg billion plan to help small businesses start moving. one new jersey business says the problem lies in unemployment benefits. poppy harlow will explain just ahead. c s.
10:16 am
t adwiwiout food al t
10:17 am
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10:18 am
we hear president obama say this all of the time. small businesses create two out of every three jobs in this country, so the economic recovery depends on them. poppy harlow joins us live from new york. i know you are going to talk about small businesses and thinking they hope they get the help they need. worst song. do you want to weigh in? >> i hate that barbie song. >> i despite the "eelectric slide." at every wedding they play it, i refuse to dance. >> lie go to the 100. lie check out "the eelectric slide." >> on to important things here. we heard the president last week, as you know, make this big announcement say we need money to help businesses and put more people to work. that got us thinking, we should go to a small business and see
10:19 am
if it would help them. we visited a family-run small business in new jersey. they have gotten stimulus money but say any extra aid could help them. listen closely. you'll be interested to hear what they say the government should stop doing. >> reporter: how hard is it to run a small business right now? >> it's not something you can take a back seat on. you have to always be involved in every aspect of the business. how much more do you have to do? your last box? >> reporter: we hear so often, nothing is made in america anymore. it's not true. your company makes paper tubes? >> made in america. materials are purchased in america and canada, and our workforce are local people. we have the opportunity to add more jobs locally. >> reporter: is the president's latest plan, a $200 billion tax break for businesses -- is that
10:20 am
what small businesses need right now? >> we need anything we can get. i would look into additional equipment to replace the equipment we have now. >> reporter: would that mean hiring more workers? >> it would. it would allow us to put on a second shift. we currently have about 27 employees now. i hope to have about 50 employees within the next two years. i'd like to modernize our production lines and get into a larger building. >> reporter: what do you think the government can do that it's not doing for small businesses? >> i think that as far as unemployment extensions go, they could limit the amount of extensions they put. we've had a help wanted sign out front for probably six months. people come in and fill out applications, but ultimately, we end up signing their slip that they have been here and looked for a job. >> reporter: to get unemployment benefits? >> absolutely. they tell me they're happy with
10:21 am
the unemployment benefits they are receiving and when they end, maybe they'll consider it. there has to be a time when they get back into a company is start fresh even if it's less than they made before because there's plenty of upward mobility. if you are a hard-working person, there are plenty of opportunities. >> reporter: this small business doing well in the recession and could use more help. he's saying he has jobs, minimum wage job, but people come in and want them to sign the unemployment benefits certificate, if you will, and calls them back, and they say, no thanks, we want the benefits. some people need the benefits. he's saying i have jobs but not enough workers. >> "electric slide" not on the list but "cotton-eyed joe" and the "hamster dance." >> "cotton-eyed joe" is fun. you never worked in texas?
10:22 am
>> i didn't. >> i have no idea what the "hamster dance" is. let's check other top stories. more victories for the tea party movement, and the biggest upset is in delaware where christine o'donnell beat mike castle. the survivors the of 9/11 terror attacks are lobbying congress to provide them with free health care. sarah shourd reunited with her mother in oman after a year in iranian prison. the price for her freedom was a $500,000 bail reportedly paid by oman. >> a road to recovery for some u.s. troops wounded in afghanistan. now a happy reunion after a long and trying journey home.
10:23 am
10:24 am
a difficult journey home for thousands of u.s. troops who served in the war in afghanistan. according to the defense department, 7,951 have been wounded since the war started nine years ago, 3691 returned to duty, 4,260 did not. that journey home for u.s. troops is the focus of a very special series here at cnn. barbara starr caught up with a trio of those soldiers, serving their country while recovering from injuries back home at ft. campbell, kentucky. >> reporter: i don't know if you remember meeting me?
10:25 am
>> i do. >> reporter: can i say hi. how are you? >> i'm good, ma'am. >> reporter: i first met miguel garcia, and benjamin maguire on stretchers, wounded in a massive ied blast in afghanistan. they were making the journey home. now, up and around back at ft. campbell, kentucky, home of the 101st airborne division, we checked in to see how their recovery was going. maguire was the most seriously hurt, shattered jaw. >> i was completely unconscious. the first memory i have of that whole event was -- i started to come around as they were pulling me out of the truck. >> they pulled him out of the truck and it looked like someone just slit his throat because from that cut down to his jaw. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: the men initially
10:26 am
thought they had been separated by the blast. >> it was horrible. i didn't know where garcia was. the worst thing was nobody would tell me what was going on. i was like, how's maguire? i was yelling that, and no one would actually tell me he was okay. >> reporter: but still a bit of humor when they look at their trip home when they were all still on heavy doses of pain medicine. >> that's morphine talk right there. >> reporter: now we learn more about what the men had been through. garcia was the gunner and knuckles then joined the team. >> the very first time time he joined our crew on our truck, we got ambushed that day on a route heading north in our sector, and our truck was hit by rpg on that day, so i joked with him and said you're not allowed to be my driver anymore. >> reporter: knuckles was driving on july 12th when they
10:27 am
were hit by an ied that made them brothers in arms forever. >> i was worried about rolling off a cliff because where we were was not a good spot to be hit. i think they planned to blow us off the side of the mountain because if they rolled us over two feet further, we would have rolled down about a 2,000 foot dropoff. >> reporter: on that mountain, no washington policy or politics, a friendship under fire that these men say will last forever. day to day is really not about what washington says? it's about your buddies? >> i don't care about the politics, ma'am. they tell me where to go and i make sure i try to take care of them as much as i can. that's what i do. >> reporter: you feel the same way? >> i know without a doubt these guys would die for me like i would for them. >> reporter: all three soldiers will tell you they're doing well but they will tell you, yes, they're having nightmares about
10:28 am
the attack but still they all hope to trourn afghanistan. barbara starr, cnn, ft. campbell, kentucky. underaged girls disappearing into the underworld of online sex trafficking. we're focusing on it today, putting names and faces on girls gone missing. d like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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heart-wrenching underworld of sex trafficking today as lawmakers hold a hearing on the issue. an official from craigslist will be there. that site was under immense pressure to crack down on prostitution, and our amber lyon found out many of the women advertised weren't adults at all. they were actually children and the department of justice says as many as 200,000 children are at risk. pinning down a number is tough because the of shadowy nature of the crime. amber lyon has a follow-up to her exclusive. >> reporter: where are we headed right now?
10:32 am
>> we're going upstairs to her bedroom. she's a normal 12-year-old, hanna montana, the jonas brothers. >> do you sleep in her bed at night? >> i do. just so i can still basically have that connection. >> reporter: a mother's anguish. her 12-year-old daughter lured away by a pimp on her way home from school in april. then sold for sex on craigslist before they closed their adult services action. she is also trafficked on another site. >> a friend of mine told me to like on craigslist. i really didn't believe what i saw. she was there with a wig on. she had on a purple outfit. >> reporter: your 12-year-old daughter? >> yes, and the other was her rear end. she was bent over. >> everybody wants to know when you look at a website and you
10:33 am
see a list of prostitutes, how many of them are children? >> nobody knows what the real numbers are. >> reporter: back in june, we asked craigslist to estimate the number of potentially underaged trafficking victims in its adult services ads. their answer quote effectively zoe row. >> that's not true. we have been able to find, locate and return home 54 missing kids on craigslist. now, that is it a tiny fraction of what the total scope of the problem is. we found 12 kids on backpage. >> reporter: the national center for missing and exploited children gave us current missing child posters, all being sold for sex. there are 52 missing persons posters behind me representing 52 girls all under age 18, all missing right now. christina, monica, rachel. in the national center for missing and skploeted children say saul 62 are being
10:34 am
ex-trafficked. erica, ashley, nicole, being sewed on the internet. we have white girls here, black girls, hispanic girls. the young guest girl went missing when she was 13 years old. she may be in the company of an adult male over here. in this case, that adult male is most likely the pimp. a group based in georgia called a future not a past commissioned a study, focusing on the men who try to buy sex online with underaged girls. >> we wanted to know what the scope of this problem is in georgia. 7200 men a month buying sex from adolescent girls just took my breath away. >> reporter: there's no legal obligation for websites to report ads that might involve underage prostitution. backpage says it including links to help notify official it is
10:35 am
they identify potential abuses. back in 2008 craigslist promised to quote work tirelessly in tandem with key nonprofits and report ads to the center for abused and exploited children but in a period of 15 months, craigslist only reported 132, 132 out of more than 700,000 services ad that they rejected, ads that could have provided violate leads about children being bought and sold. that 12-year-old girl we told you about at the beginning, she called home just as we were speaking with her mother. you should be home with your family and friends and the people that love you. the first time they had spoken since she vanished. police rescued her and arrested a 42-year-old man and charged him with human trafficking. one girl rescued out of thousands.
10:36 am
>> police step away. >> reporter: automatic ber lyon, cnn, washington. you can sympathize with people who take stuff they need in a bad situation, but this isn't one of those cases unless someone in san bruno needed a couple's wedding ring and passport to live. now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower.
10:37 am
race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance, unless it's wielded with precision. see your lexus dealer. checking top stories -- tea party backed candidate christine o'donnell won a victory in delaware's gop primary. the national republican party backed mike castle. o'donnell says she can win in november without the support of national republicans. hillary clinton will join middle east peace talks in jerusalem today. the possibility of new israeli settlements is a sticking point.
10:38 am
our weather center following three named storms, hurricane ig igor, and julia a category 4. no watches or warnings yet. tropical storm karl landed on yucatan's peninsula this morning. announcer: naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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10:40 am
i understand not all looters are created equal and sometimes in a disaster you have to do what you have to do to keep yourself and your family alive, but when you take big tvs, like after hurricane katrina or prices will artifacts like with
10:41 am
say in baghdad after the war, my sympathy wears out. one nervous family goes back to san bruno to find the gas explosion and fireball actually spared their house, but looters didn't. the story from kron tv. >> reporter: jody was showing a san bruno police officer the rooms where someone had broken into the house and stolen belongings, like her engagement and wedding rings that had stones reset from her grandfather's ring. >> it's an heirloom piece of jewelry that you can't put a value on. >> reporter: dante and jody talk about the emotional roller coaster they have been on since the explosion. >> we were so glad just to be able to come back to our house because after having anxiously waiting for three days, we were glad fo to find out our haas was in good shape and i hear jody
10:42 am
screaming about how we've been robbed. so from there it was an awful feeling, you know, just being on pins and needles the whole time since the explosion happened, and waiting and, then we finally get back in our house, and we have this happen to us. you know, it's just an additional thing, just unbelievable. >> reporter: both jody and taun at any had birthdays and their anniversary in the last month, so the burglar was able to take gift cards and gift certificates and small items they could carry out easily but what worries them most is the loss of items leading to identity theft. >> they took our passports, our whole family's passports, mine, my husband's and my three children, both of our social security cards. like we had wallets with leftover credit cards and things. >> this guy potential has our identity and critical documents.
10:43 am
>> reporter: san bruno police say they have received a few other reports of burglaries in the area but have not linked this one to the others pending their investigation. >> that explosion showed that couple more mercy than some people did with absolutely no conscience. people are trying to protect the neighborhood from looters. they arrested a man they thought might be casing houses. he tried to drive away on his motorcycle when cops asked him for i.d., and he ran over the officer's foot. in a few minutes, we have paul steinhauser walking us through our latest developments.
10:44 am
i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
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♪ ice ice baby so, who can forget that classic? vanilla ice burst into the scene, and "ice, ice baby" popped onto the scene in 1980. it is still hip, hip to aol's worst song list, ranking at number three now, and ten years ago, the because what men had everyone asking, who let the dogs out, and us asking how it climbed to the billboard charts and ranks number two on the worst song list. number one? we will reveal that at the end of the show along with songs that you wrote to me and said
10:46 am
you thought should be on the worst song list. time now for the latest news from the best political team on television, including deputy political director ice, ice paul steinhauser, baby, in washington. >> reporter: i'm dying to find out what's number one. >> you are on pins and needles. it will cross the political ticker in just about two minutes. >> reporter: i can't wait. we have brand new news, though. this goes to what happened in delaware last night. you have been talking about it all day. christine o'donnell pulling that huge upset, the conservative candidate ousting the more moderate republican establishment candidate mike castle. the big question, will the national republican party back o'donnell, spend money on her in the midterm elections in november, the general election. take a listen to this, our dana bash, senior congressional correspondent teamed up with mitch mcconnell and she asked him about that.
10:47 am
>> reporter: what about your reaction? >> i will be supporting the republican nominee and we wish her the best. >> reporter: what do you think of the idea that the national republican senatorial campaign says they would won't give her money? >> you have to ask them about that. i'm going to support the nominee. >> reporter: do you think she can win, sir? >> i'm going to support the nominee. we would like to win the seat. >> reporter: has the outcome endangered a possible majority for you? >> there we go. >> reporter: wow, some good stuff from dana, just got it on capitol hill, dana talking to mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate. he says, yeah, we're going to support the nominee. the key is if the national republican senatorial committee will spend. she is in a dog fight with the democratic nominee. this is a seat the democrats
10:48 am
want to hold onto. it was held on for many, many years by the vice president joe biden. we have been talking about delaware, but also another victory, i guess you could say, for the tea party movement and conservatives in new york state. carl paladino, the businessman and develop eer topped rick lazio for the governor nomination up there. another victory for the outsiders against the more establishment candidates. other stuff on the ticker, take a look at this. the democrats are giving us a tease. you were talking about michael steele and his big day but the chairman of the democratic national committee, tim kaine, a big announcement about two hours from now. they are touting it as a major announcement, something that will really excite democrats across the country. we are trying to dig in and find out exactly what's going on. finally, i confirmed with the democratic national committee that they are forking over another 1.$1.67 million to the
10:49 am
state congressle committee on the midst term elections. they are hoping to soften what could be big blows in the congressional elections. >> paul steinhauser, thanks. a reminder, for the latest political news, go to our website, tattoos, fake babies and nancy pelosi featured as the wicked witch of the wizard of oz. we have the best political ads of the season.
10:50 am
♪ well, i never thought that
10:51 am
this would be the way you'd come back home ♪ time for our daily tribute to men and women in uniform. today we are lifting up staff sergeant jason michael butkus, killed in an insurgent attack in baghdad in august of 2007. there was a tribute for him. he was a great leader of warriors and would really give you the shirt off his back or cut into his personal time and go out of his way to ensure that other soldiers were always taken care of. he should be remembered for how well he prepared his troops and that all of them made it home safely. we couldn't do these tributes without you. we need more. go to our website and away. pull up a bio and follow the directions to upload your thoughts and videos and pictures. we promise to keep the memories
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10:54 am
ncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. election season always means high drama, speeches, debates, mud-slinging, and, of course, air waves saturated with campaign ads but this year the political theater reaches higher proportions. >> reporter: when it comes to this season's campaign commercials, the best remake of a classic award -- >> i'll get you my pretty. >> reporter: goes to the republican that tried to get nancy pelosi by portraying her as the wicked witch of oz. but she can't save herself from pelosi's opponent. >> step back, everyone. >> thank you for saving us. who are you? >> i'm john dennis.
10:55 am
>> reporter: he's also run into criticism. >> saying that, you know, you're a sexist pig. >> do you feel that way have. >> no. >> reporter: this season's odd ball ads featured tattoos, lunch boxes, scary old people, fake babies. and even demon sheep. >> tom campbell. is he what he tells us or is he what he has become over the years, a wolf in sheep's clothing? >> reporter: the sheep in this case was slaughtered by republican carly fiorina. best horror movie remake goes to a doctor running for coroner in oral liens parish portraying his opponent as frankenstein. frankenstein won. too negative for you? >> i can't stand negative ads. every time i see one, i feel like i need a shower.
10:56 am
>> reporter: this is the clean of the candidate for governor of colorado. this was an ad that required the candidate to make at least six wardrobe changes, and when we say six wardrobe changes, we're not counting the hat. the best shot award goes to this arizona congressional candidate. >> conservative christian and a pretty fair shot -- >> i'm pamela goreman and i approve this message. >> reporter: some ads are so macho. they invite parody. >> i get you didn't know that. >> reporter: at least this candidate for alabama agriculture commissioner didn't open fire. >> i'm dale peterson. i'll name names. >> i'll kill a man, put a gun in someone's mouth and say you need more lead in your diet. >> reporter: both lost but guns don't kill campaigns, candidates do. >> give me the republican nomination for commission or i'll shoot you in the god
10:57 am
[ bleep ] head. we're counting down the biggest stinkers to hit the music charts. we didn't rank the 100 worst songs ever. aol radio did. please enjoy number 22 from starship. admit it, you have this tape somewhere. ♪ built this city on rock 'n' roll ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ if there was a problem i will solve it ♪ tony, are you dancing over there? >> got things going on over there. >> ice, ice, tony hairs. we are moving up the charts of the worst songs. baja men got you beat. remember when this dog was unleashed on the radio. the worst of the bunch, drum roll, please -- it's time to beat dat beat. we asked to you weigh in on the worst songs ever, and, boy, we got a lot of haters out there. tim says it has to be "achy breaky heart" the only time i remember getting sick from a song. sam said, leo sayerer's "you make me feel like dancing."

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